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  • Technology Companies

  • Internet Enabled Companies

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  • Identify The Job Opportunity

  • Identify The Decisionmaker

  • Shape The Narrative

Stand Out
From The Crowd

  • Prepare: People, Culture, Job

  • Present: You Are The Solution

  • Followup: Control The Narrative


Become Known
A Thought Leader
Find A CXO Job Faster


Recognized Authority
Thought Leader
Identity Campaigns

We position you to be the expert, the Thought Leader.
Get on the radar of influencers and decisionmakers.
Maximize your career potential.

  • Position You For Career Success

  • Get On The Radar Of Influencers

  • Become Known By DecisionMakers


Executive Job
Change Campaigns

Find executive jobs before they are widely publicized. Stand out, shape the narrative, you are the solution.

  • The Fastest Way To Change Jobs

  • Uncover The Hidden Job Market

  • Get Past Gatekeepers

  • Connect To DecisionMakers


COO As A Service
Add Expertise & Productivity
Without Adding HeadCount

We provide a full suite of services to companies who do not need a full time COO or the current team does not have the time or expertise to fully engage a problem or opportunity.

  • Solve Difficult Business Problems

  • Strict Confidentiality Observed

  • All Industries

What We Do

Find Your Next Great Job

Maximize Your Career

ideal job
marketing materials
gap resolution

Become Known When Unknown

Will Your Career Survive
A DownTurn


Board Dynamics

Gaps: skills, expertise

Management Style

Genuine Connections

Never Too Early

C-Suite Turnover
At Record High

CEO Turnover 19%/Yr

39% Forced Out

Median Tenure 5 Years

Sony/ATV President Exits

Tribune Publishing names new CEO

First Majestic names new COO

Hulu CEO steps down

IBM CEO steps down.

WeWork has a new CEO

Become Known When
You Are Unknown


Emotional Intelligence


Recognized Authority


Executive Job
Change Campaigns

Landing a executive job
takes Preparation and Effort

The internet makes it look easy
A few clicks and thousands of people
apply for the same job.

We Stack The Odds
In Our Clients Favor

Custom Playbook

Prepare Them To Standout

High Quality Collateral

Multi-Mode Campaign

Connect To Decision Makers
Hiring Managers

Build Relationships
Real Connections

Showcase Value
Dollarize Results
Show Impact

Full Support & DIY Campaigns


1:1 Service

Comprehensive Solutions

Minimize Over Exposure

Interests Aligned

Position You As The Solution

confidential plans available

Executives looking for the
best and fastest way to land
their next Sr. opportunity


Transitioning executives
who are no longer the right fit
for their organization


Recognized Authority
Identity Campaigns

Landing a new job is tough.

Less than 3% of the
people who apply for a job
get an interview.

COO As-A-Service


We Help You
Solve Problems
Capture Opportunities

  • Control The Narrative

  • Target Opportunities

  • Be The Solution

  • Become Known




  • No Ad Tracking

  • Minimal Analytics

  • No Info Shared W/O Consent

Startups &
Emerging Companies

Grow Your Business Profitably

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Rise Above The Crowd

  • Be Proactive

  • Develop A Playbook

  • Consistent / Persistent

Target Opportunities

  • Industries

  • Companies

  • Influencers & Decision Makers

Build Connections

  • Network With A Purpose

  • Influencers & Decision Makers

  • Become Known

Prepare To Impress

  • Marketing Materials

  • Practice / Role Play

  • SWOT

Be The Solution

  • Emphasize Your Strengths

  • Minimize Weakness

  • Always Be Closing

Get Started NOW!

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Artificial Intelligence
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The Best Stretching Exercise

Eat This To Stop A Cold Or Flu In Its Tracks

Basic Yoga Poses For Men

Yoga Poses If You Sit All Day
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Early Signs Of Depression

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30 Days of Yoga to Reduce Stress


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4 Questions That Will Land You An InFlight Upgrade
Be polite, ask if there is an opportunity to upgrade, dress like you belong in 1st class, if flight oversold ask for future upgrade.

What to do if you lose your ID before a flight

Avoid Getting Blood Clots On Long Flights

What To Ask For When Bumped

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Get a refund on non refundable tickets

Score a Flight Upgrade

Cheapest Way To Get Into Airport Lounge

Fly First Class, Same Price As Economy


Access The Internet Safely When Traveling

Your Rights When You Buy A Plane Ticket


Digital Dirt Removal

Mug shot industry will charge you to bury your past

Delete Facebook Account

Employers Check Your Social Media Profiles

Cleanup Your Digital Dirt

Social Media Identity Management

Remove your data from people-finder sites


Under Qualified

Land a job you are not qualified for

Land A Job You Are Under Qualified For

Apply For Job While Lacking Qualifications

Land A Job When Underqualified

Over Qualified

Overqualified Job Seekers Are Discriminated Against

Avoid Being Rejected For Being Overqualified

Avoid rejection for Qualification, Experience


Prove You are Qualified



Don't Do This On Social Media

Don't Do This On Social Media

How To Delete Your Facebook Data Forever


Don't Do This On Social Media

How To Become Instagram Famous

Protect Your Privacy On Instagram

Get Verified On instagram


Biggest Mistake People Make On LinkedIn

Huge Linkedin Loophole

Don't Do This On Social Media

How to age proof your Linkedin Profile.

E: Linkedin For Senior Executives

Should You Delete Linkedin Account

Even Linkedin May Not Get You A Job

10 Expert Linkedin Tips

4 Common Linkedin mistakes.

Ultimate Linkedin CheatSheet.

What an effective Linkedin profile looks like.

2 things your Linkedin profile must have

Essential Parts of your Linkedin.

Leave these off your resume and Linkedin.

Make your resume & Linkedin look professional.

Enhance Your Linkedin Profile

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Attract Linkedin opportunities late in your career

Update Your Linkedin Summary

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Build Your Brand & Career Using LinkedIn

Podcast To Create Circle Of Peers

Social Media

Don't Do This On Social Media

Craft A Perfect Social Profile

How often should you post on social media?

Use Social Media to Find A Job

A company asks for your facebook Password

Change to Your Social Media Bio, Get More Followers




1st Day On New Job

Hobbies that help ease anxiety

Work Less Spend More Time On Hobbies

If You Lose Your Job

Recover Gracefully From Mistakes and Failures

15 Steps to Take if You Lose Your Job


Every Employment Termination Is Negotiable

How to negotiate severance


Signs You Might Be Losing Your Job Soon

Life lessons I learned after losing a job

What To Say When LaidOff

How to negotiate severance

Bouncing Back from Job Loss

Redirect After Being Fired Or Laid Off

After A Career Break

Returning To Corporate World After Break

Returning to work after Career Break

Employment Gaps

Explain Gaps, Freelancing & Job Hopping


Recovery After Fired Or Laidoff

What To Do If Fired For Poor Judgement

7 Fired Executives Share Advice

How to Explain You Were Fired

If you were fired, don’t lie, do this.

Do This When LaidOff

Job Search When Unemployed

Steps To Take After Losing Job

How Successful People Turn Their Lives Around

What you can learn from being asked to resign

Resigning Gracefully

Quit Job Without New Job Lined Up


Find The Perfect Word For Your Writing With These Tools

Cover Letters

New Rules to Write A Cover Letter

The Best Cover Letter

Strong Ways To Close Cover Letter


Email Like A CEO

I Tried Emailing Like A CEO

Emailing Like A CEO Made My Life Better

Following Up A Cold Call Email

Send Later: Schedule Your Emails

Write Emails Busy People Read

Write The Perfect Email

Write Better Cole Emails

Email Mistakes

Write Email To Get What You Want

How To Get People To Respond To Your Emails

Dont Use AOL or HotMail For Your Job Hunt

Thank You Notes

Thank You Note: Email or Handwritten

How to write a thank you note

Avoid these thank you note mistakes

Yes, Send A Thank You Note

Send HandWritten Notes Like Pro

Don't Say This In Thank You Note

Pain Letters

How To Use Pain Letters

Value Propositions

Create an Irresistible Value Proposition

7 Excellent Ink Pens

Personal Cards
Handwritten Notes
All Occasion Cards
Paper Stock


5 Upskilling Models

Career Development

Take control of your career.

Get your career on track.

The best mentors ask these questions.

Essential career lessons.

Is Someone As Smart As They Think

Why Talented People Fail Under Pressure


Signs an Executive Isn’t Ready for Coaching

How Successful People Turn Their Lives Around

Mentors / Sponsors
Don't Ask For Mentors, Ask For Sponsors

Salary Negotiation

Simple Rules For Negotiating Salary

Negotiate a Higher Salary

5 Salary Negotiating Mistakes

$750k Negotiating Mistake

Negotiating salary over email.

Tricky Salary Questions.

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the worst salary negotiating tactic

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What Is Your Salary Range

Think twice before revealing previous salary.

When They Ask: Whats Your Current Salary

What is your Current Salary

How to answer the salary question

Before You Accept A Job Offer

Essential Questions To Ask

Counter Offers
When You Get A Counter Offer

Stock Optionsnp
ISO vs Non ISO Stock Options

How To Turn Down Job Offer

How To Turn Down Job Offer

Don't provide references until after last interview

Calling A Potential Hire's Reference

Are Reference Checks Needed

Run A Background Check On Yourself

Reference Cheat Sheet

Positive references help you land the job

Career Change Checklist

Changing Careers

Make A Career Change

Should You Accept a Lower-Level Job After a Career Break?

Watch For These Mistakes

Career Switching Mistake

Change Industries

Connect with these people when changing Industries.

After 40

Change Careers After 40

Reinvent Your Career At MidLife


Board Of Directors

Don’t whine about pesky board members, get on the same page

How To Manage A Board

What makes a great board member.

BOD set your new CEO up for success.

10 Tips To Work With Your Board

Board Of Directors: Role and Responsibilities

Board Meetings

Select Great Board Members

Guide To Managing The Board

Reason To Hold Board Meetings

Better Board Discussions

Selecting Board Members

Selecting Board Members II

Developing An Executive Succession Plan

Find A Sounding Board Outside Of Your Company


Change These Settings Keep Google From Tracking You

Change these default privacy settings immediately.

Increase your online privacy.

Secure Your Twitter Account.

Your identity can be stolen in 45 minutes.

How to opt out of facebook data sharing

Protect yourself from hackers taking over your phone

Automatically delete your Google Location and Web Activity

Send Confidential Gmail Messages

Protect Your OnLine Privacy

Delete Facebook Account

Gmail Tracks All Your Purchases

WhatsApp and Telegram Flaw Exposes Info

Has Your Computer Has Been Tampered With

Use Brave Browser For Privacy

Remove your data from people-finder sites

Google Has My Dead Grandpa's Data And He Never Used The Internet

How to fully disable Google location tracking on your smartphone



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We help our clients achieve positive outcomes
C-Suite Job Change, Becoming Known,
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Q: What is a C-Suite job?
Managing Director, Managing Partner
Other positions may qualify


Q: Can I be located outside the USA?
A: Yes, you can reside in almost any country but you
should be looking for a job in the USA.


Q: I'm not looking for a new job right now how can you help me?
A: its never too early to strengthen your network and become known.


Q: I am on a short timeline, how can you help me?
A: Yes, Our methods cover all bases to uncover job openings


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A: No. The membership list is confidential.
we do host members only events


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